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LK Million Money Program
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Is The LK Million Money Program Legit Or Scam? Read Full Review

The lk million money program is a cryptocurrency investment scheme with its origin from Russia. There is no information on the website concerning their founders, and I think that is a red alert already.

However, the reviews I’ve seen online have almost nothing negative to say.

It’s either they have been paying, no one has come up to say they have been scammed or people are not actually investing.

Who Owns The Million.Money Crypto Program?

As I have earlier said, there are no official information released by the web owners concerning themselves.

I did a quick research on the domain name and here’s what I discovered:

  • It was registered on the 13th of October, 2018.
  • The domain name was registered by TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd.
  • The registrant made the details private.

Not providing any information about themselves on their website is already a red flag. The fact that they registered it privately is also looking fishey.

Is Million Money Legit Or Scam?

I can’t tell for exact, but I will label it a Ponzi Scheme.

This is because or any MLM company to be legitimate and in compliance with binding laws in most countries, they need to offer a retail product or service of some sort.

Some of the MLM companies include Longrich and GNLD. They offer retail products and services for their users.

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Ponzi schemes are programs like the Loom Money and the Wazobia Investment Program.

How Does The Million Money Program Work

The Million Program is just like every other Ponzi scheme, but with some modifications.

Basically, it deals on cryptocurrencies, and etherium to be exact.

Most people believe etherium will rise to become as huge as bitcoin, and so they invest in it.

How Much Does It Cost To Join The LK Million Money Program?

It presently costs only 0.03 ETH for a position in the first matrix.

Joining this will help you make more money with the opportunity.

There are also opportunities to upgrade in order to benefit from other services and opportunities.

This is a breakdown of the number of commissions and the cost per position that you can earn per level on the first Matrix compensation plan tier:

  • Level 1:– This level has 2 positions to fill. You can earn 0.03 ETH per position. This level requires you to pay 0.03 ETH to earn on this level.
  • Level 2:– This level has 4 positions to fill. You can earn 0.2 ETH per position. This level requires you to pay 0.05 ETH to earn on this level.
  • Level 3:– This level has 8 positions to fill. You can earn 0.8 ETH per position. This level requires you to pay 0.1 ETH to earn on this level.
  • Level 4:– This level has 16 positions to fill. You can earn 0.4 ETH per position. This level requires you to pay 0.4 ETH to earn on this level.
  • Level 5:– This level has 32 positions to fill. You can earn 1 ETH per position. This level requires you to pay 1 ETH to earn on this level.
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You can also make money by referring people and you are required to renew your fees every 100 days.

Do I Recommend This Program?

Well, I won’t ask you not to join since I’m yet to access any negative reviews.

The launchers of the platform kept their details private probably for some reasons, and that is a red flag for a financial program.

You can check out other reviews online before making your decisions.


There are so many other amazing ways of making money online with lesser risks. I suggest you check them out before leaving.

If you have tried the program, kindly drop us your comments below and don’t forget to share to your friends.

Thanks a lot for reading along.

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