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List Of Banks In Nigeria
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Top 19 Nigerian Banks For International Transactions

There are a good number of Nigerian banks for international transactions, and e-marketers should focus on them. As a Nigerian, there are many available ways to make money online but the issue many people face is how to receive payments.

This is a great issue because there is no point of working when you can’t withdraw, after all, you’re not a charity organisation.

Due to the high exchange rate of dollar in Nigeria, many Nigerian banks have suspended the use of their ATM cards in ATMs and POS outside the country making it hard for Nigerians outside to withdraw after receiving money to their local bank accounts.

List Of Nigerian Banks That You Can Use Their Naira Debit Cards For International Transactions

A lot of people have been calling me to ask about some banks that they can use to receive their money or the ones that support international transactions.

List Of Banks In Nigeria

We tried our best to give list some to them via phone calls and emails, it’s still worth sharing here.

List Of Banks In Nigeria That You Can Use Their Naira Debit For International Transactions

Some of my favourite banks for international transactions in alphabetical order include:

– Access Bank

– Accion Bank

– Diamond Bank

– FCMB Bank

– Fidelity Bank

– First Bank

– GT Bank

– Heritage Bank

– Keystone Bank

– Parallex Microfinance Bank

– Skye Bank (Parallex Microfinance Bank)

– Sterling Bank

– Stanbic Bank


– Union Bank

– Wema Bank

– Zenith Bank

Please Note: The information provided in this article is correct as at the time of its first publication but might be changed in the future at the decision of the banks.

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No matter what you do online, you must have to work with one or more banks.

Go for a bank that has a reputation for sending their alerts quick, since there are are ones that won’t even tell you that you got money till night.

Thanks a lot for reading along.

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